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Spinning mileage record! And playlist help. 

Should I take this as a complient if someone sends this to me? 😂

So running is on the back burner like I said for a bit. However last week I hit a spinning record mileage of 125 miles in a week! krazy! 

Typically I vary my playlists bi-weekly for classes. But sometimes I get in a music funk-like now. So I am looking for music to make you move. Anything new, old, country, rap, pop-name that tune. Please. 😉


What happened? 

Throwback Thursday Race Recap Wineglass Half Marathon 

Today we are flashing not too far back-only back to October of 2014 and half marathon #5. It was the Wineglass Half Marathon in Corning, NY. The BEST perk of this racation was it is where one of my best friends live!  

I would be lost without her!

Corning is about a seven hour drive from my house so I flew up there for the weekend. The weather was perfect and the leaves were changing there already.  As soon as I got there we headed to expo so I could pick up my race bib. I was quite nervous for this one for many reasons. Mainly because upstate New York is hilly and even though I heard the course wasn’t I still was skeptical. So much that J drove the course to prove to me it wasn’t. (And it wasn’t except for one hill-so not bad at all.) 

Saturday we had the day to ourselves and took full advantage of it. We started by having lunch on Market Street and working our way through the stores and bars (probably should have cut back on the bar part but OH WELL!) I also had a friend running that met up with us as well-she was running her first half. 

Race day started early and you were shuttled to the starting area outside of town. It was cold, 32 degrees-so I was thankful for my throw away clothes and gloves.  


Corning Glass Museum-packet pick up. Check it out if you are there. You can make your own glass souvenir!

The crowds along the course were terrific. And finish line party was perfect. Some of the best pizza ever! Oh and the most important race bling! Your medal is glass-it is so cool. I was scared to death it would break. 


It was wonderful meeting up with Michelle!


Almost at the finish!


It was a perfect race, in the perfect setting with my sister from another mother. I really really want to do it again this year-but it is already sold out! I am hoping some magic happens and I can get in.  


Market Street in downtown Corning.


  • Have you ever run this race? Any ideas how to get into a sold race? 


What’s for dinner Wednesday? Chicken Noodle Soup and the flu

Life kicked me butt Monday! Mid afternoon I started feeling not so right. My body was aching (and not the typical workout ache) and my throat was sore.  

Needless to say , I had to make time for sickness.

I was off to take the boys to Tae Kwan Do when I knew I was sick. When I got home, I took my temperature and it was 101.3-wth?  I cannot even tell you the last time I was feeling this bad. So I was off to bed taking ibuprofen. 


First thing the next morning I headed to the Med Center to find a cure! After blood work, strep test and flu test the doctor said it was the flu. He gave me tamiflu and told me to rest up. And that is all I have done. Luckily the fever broke in the middle of night last night. But I am still achy, sore throat and exhausted! 

However I had some canned chicken soup yesterday and it was not good. So as soon I felt I had some energy I went into the kitchen to throw together some chicken noodle soup. I had leftover chicken that we grilled so I could use that. I diced up some carrots and celery. Then I used onions that I had already diced and froze last week. I used a chicken base for the stock (usually do not do that but I was in a pinch). Turned the crock on high and let it to go. As we speak it is cooking. I will have my husband add the egg noodles when he gets home.  

So I am back in bed and getting ready to nap again! 

  • What is your favorite way to recover from illness?   

#MondayMotivation and country living!

I was really looking forward to getting back on track this morning. Last week I was lax in my eating and though my exercise was on point-but we know you cannot out exercise a bad diet. So I woke up ready to refocus! 

Monday has become one of my favorite days. I only teach one class at the gym and can squeeze in a run before! After taking the oldest to school, I come home and load up my lil running buddy and go. I just wanted to do a loop of my neighborhood this morning. Boy it was HUMID! Welcome summer on Delmarva. And the air smelled of skunk this morning. Oh and fertilizer-yummy!  

me and my LRB

When I got home from the gym and grocery store I was happy to see my new shirt arrived for our #StrollerRun15 and I love it!  

Go grab your shirt! it is so soft.

Join us May 31, 2015 at noon for a fun stroller run at Bayside

  • What is your go to meal to get you refocused?

Happy Mother’s Day

I have not posted in a week. I was feeling a little overwhelmed lately and decided to not post for a bit. I have been moving a mile a minute and sometimes you just need to listen to your inner voice. 

Today is Mother’s Day and I plan on celebrating with my family all day. I am lucky to still have my mom here with me and I am very thankful. She is my rock and without her I would be lost. I am a very thankful to these two little boys that made me a mom! ❤️


Monday Motivation-what? 

I decided to start running because I signed up for a half marathon with Team In Training back in 2006. I was trying to find a happy and healthy me at the time. I was gym rat at the time, and I still am, but this got me out of my comfort zone. I wanted to challenge myself and feel strong-mentally more than physically. I completed that half and trained a bit. After that I rarely ran for almost a year. Then after I had my first son I discovered peace in the run. But this is still not why I run. 

At the time I was a general manager of a major chain restaurant, a career I loved. I had a district manager who was great. He was a great motivator-you wanted to do well for him. Well one day on his day off he has trimming trees in his back yard. Well J fell-was air lifted to Shock Trama. He was paralyzed. We were all devastated. We all knew J would rally but the road ahead would be long. I remember one specific run that sucked. Literally I heard his Scottish voice tell me to “GO”. And I did. So I run for him everytime. J is always with me on my runs. The second the doubt sinks in I say “Do it for J”. 

After my third half I decided I wanted to tell him. I was nervous because I was not sure of how that would make him feel. But I wanted to him to know how he inspired me to persevere. He was touched. And often wonder if he remembers that letter but now I know he does. After my half on Saturday he sent me message saying that he was with me the whole way. And that is why I cannot stop. 

Run for those who can’t


  • How did you start running?