My first half marathon experience-some tips! #motivationmonday

by amyevansfitness

So way back in 2006 I was still new to exercising. And I thought I want to run a half a marathon. Well lucky for me I was able to convince one of my besties that WE should do this together. We both had different things to prove so why the hell not.

We heard about Team in Training. So we signed up to go to an informational meeting. That night we agree to raise money and run the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon. If memory serves me right we had to raise $1500-but that would cover and hotel and race fees. More important go towards fighting cancer. We were all in! They provided training runs every Saturday-it sounded perfect. Did you hear “sounded perfect” ? Hahaha I laugh because we never once went to those training sessions! Oh the mistakes we made. Neither of us ever ran more than 5 miles prior to race day! I am not sure how we ever survived. But clearly I liked enough to do five more.

Since then I have learned a few things I would like to share.

1. Do not worry about time for your first one-just finish. Enjoy your moment! Take pics!

2. Take some sort of pain relief pills immediately after the race! You will be all hopped up on endorphins when you finish but will need it.

3. Depending on when the race is buy some toss clothes for the start. Start times are usually very early and you wait a while. Most races donate all clothes tossed. I like robes-I saw a women at my last half (Wineglass in Corning, NY) I was envious!

4. Lube up! You will get chaffed. I swear by Body Glide-buy some. Trust me.

What are your tips for first time marathoners?