Friday Favorite! My BOB! 

by amyevansfitness

Back in 2008 when I was pregnant for the first time, confused and over analyzing all baby gear I was introduced to something that I never knew would keep me sane. It was my BOB stroller.


I often wonder how many miles we have gone?

I ended up buying it with all my gift cards and it has been the one thing I have used the most. You see my BOB has gone through both boys and my youngest is still riding along. He is 4 and I know our stroller run time with coming to end, and it does make me sad. I have always said there is some magic in BOB. Most days my boys while in the stroller have ended up asleep.  

yes same shirt different kids-BOB magic!

So this year again I plan on celebrating  National Stroller Running Day!  Check it out. We (Kristen and I ) head Delmarva Moms Run This Town and plan a a family fun run on May 31st.  It will be fun and a great chance to meet up with active families in our area. We are meeting up at noon at Bayside in Fenwick Island, Delaware. 



last year’s National Stroller Run we did a 5K

 My advice to you if your are entertaining buying a jogging stroller is, without a doubt buy a BOB-it is worth the money. Trust me-you will not have any regrets! And buy the add on cup holder too. Perfect go holding your water, phone and lots of snacks to give to your little running buddy!  😉

  •   What is the furthest with have run with your stroller?