Monday Motivation-what? 

by amyevansfitness

I decided to start running because I signed up for a half marathon with Team In Training back in 2006. I was trying to find a happy and healthy me at the time. I was gym rat at the time, and I still am, but this got me out of my comfort zone. I wanted to challenge myself and feel strong-mentally more than physically. I completed that half and trained a bit. After that I rarely ran for almost a year. Then after I had my first son I discovered peace in the run. But this is still not why I run. 

At the time I was a general manager of a major chain restaurant, a career I loved. I had a district manager who was great. He was a great motivator-you wanted to do well for him. Well one day on his day off he has trimming trees in his back yard. Well J fell-was air lifted to Shock Trama. He was paralyzed. We were all devastated. We all knew J would rally but the road ahead would be long. I remember one specific run that sucked. Literally I heard his Scottish voice tell me to “GO”. And I did. So I run for him everytime. J is always with me on my runs. The second the doubt sinks in I say “Do it for J”. 

After my third half I decided I wanted to tell him. I was nervous because I was not sure of how that would make him feel. But I wanted to him to know how he inspired me to persevere. He was touched. And often wonder if he remembers that letter but now I know he does. After my half on Saturday he sent me message saying that he was with me the whole way. And that is why I cannot stop. 

Run for those who can’t


  • How did you start running?