#MondayMotivation and country living!

by amyevansfitness

I was really looking forward to getting back on track this morning. Last week I was lax in my eating and though my exercise was on point-but we know you cannot out exercise a bad diet. So I woke up ready to refocus! 

Monday has become one of my favorite days. I only teach one class at the gym and can squeeze in a run before! After taking the oldest to school, I come home and load up my lil running buddy and go. I just wanted to do a loop of my neighborhood this morning. Boy it was HUMID! Welcome summer on Delmarva. And the air smelled of skunk this morning. Oh and fertilizer-yummy!  

me and my LRB

When I got home from the gym and grocery store I was happy to see my new shirt arrived for our #StrollerRun15 and I love it!  

Go grab your shirt! it is so soft.

Join us May 31, 2015 at noon for a fun stroller run at Bayside

  • What is your go to meal to get you refocused?