What happened? 

by amyevansfitness

So long, no blog!! Things got a little out of control there for a couple months. (68 days to be exact! 😜) I had to take a breather. Now that we are relaxed and enjoying summer-I decided to catch up. 

Most days I am teaching at the gym in the morning, poolside and then back to gym three nights a week. A lot of changes taking place in the gym right now so a time of transition. And I feel optimistic in the way things are going. So lots of teaching currently and my running is on a shimmer. But still have the Annapolis Half in November so need to start logging mileage. 

I also had the pleasure of discovering Spark about six weeks ago. I needed something for energy to keep me with my boys and life schedule. It seems to be doing to trick! Amen! 

Until next time-def not a 68 break!