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Island to Island Race Recap

Well I should just stop now, because it really doesn’t get much better than this! Just kidding! What a great day to run. After a typical pre race night of tossing and turning my alarm went off at 4:20 in the morning. I shuffled my way to the coffee to get things moving. 😉 I had to meet my ride at 6:00 and had a 45 minute drive. My nerves were shot! I have no idea why-this was my 6th half marathon. I literally burst into tears driving to the beach-emotional much? Met my ride to Assateague and headed over the bridge to this glorious site!  

Here comes the sun!

Next it was off to take a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean before the race. 


When your day starts like this-it has to be great. (and no filter FYI)

We made our way to the causal start and we were off, next stop the Ocean City Inlet! 

what is run with out a selfie?

I was cruising along with my Jeff Galloway method of running 3:35 and walking :30. It works for me and gets me to the finish line. The headwind did find me and as much as I wanted to stop, of course, I did not. I was pumped to see the bridge over to OCMD!  

Hello Ocean City MD!

After the bridge you headed up to the inlet then hit the boards to 4th and turned around back to inlet lot. That would be the only thing I did not like about the race, ugh! However it was a PR! I saw the time clock and knew I had it! That is the best feeling in the world! It makes those junk runs worth every mile.   


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bling bling


I cannot wait to see what is next! Enjoy your Sunday!  What do you have planned? 


Thursday Thoughts! And a new challenge…

This morning was my last run before my 6th half. And it was a crappy run. What I like to refer to as junk miles. Random thoughts crossed my mind today:

  1. Woo hoo this is going to be my last 5 miles before my half! 
  2. What was I thinking two weeks to sign up for a half? Yes two weeks ago after my 2nd glass of wine. Whoops! 
  3. Are those vultures going to swoop down and try to eat Lucas? He, of course, was in the BOB, licking a Dum-dum at 8:30 in the morning. Hey whatever it takes right?
  4. Oh I am stopping at 3 miles today. What cares?

Everyone has runs like this. I just hope I don’t have one on Saturday. The weather forecast looks wonderful, fingers crossed. I know the route so no surprises-as long as there isn’t a head wind!  

I finished this month with more miles than last so that is great. I attribute this to our Delmarva Moms Run This Town challenges! This month Kristen came up with the virtual marathon. We should all nail it, no problem!  

So here are my running miles totals. I am feel great about them because this was in addition to teaching about 8 classes per week at the gym this month.

  • How did you stay fit the month of April? 


Home-made Red Apple-Lemon Vinaigrette

So I tried this recipe and wanted to share with modifications. I used Trader Joe’s olive oil. I used it on my salad-but THEN tripled the recipe and used it for a coleslaw dressing! It was incredible FYI! Enjoy!


It’s no secret I love salads. I prefer a salad over most other meals, call me crazy. I try to stay away from store bought salad dressings at all cost, even the healthier options can pack in a ton of sugar and unhealthy oils and preservatives. Usually I stick to the boring yet trustee, Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil combo. Sometimes I want something a little more exciting, and Ill make my own quick vinaigrette. Today I had time to make some and it was so good and so simple I thought I would share.

Lemon-Apple Balsamic Viniagrette

-1/2 Small Lemon

-1 Part Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-2 Parts Balsamic Vinegar ** I used “A Taste of Olive” Red Apple Balsamic <–highly recommend buying this brand

– A splash of apple juice

– splash of light agave syrup

– salt & fresh cracked pepper to taste

– the tiniest dash…

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Spinning playlist 80’s style 

End of the month #spinchurch was my themed class the 80’s! Let me tell you much like the 90’s class I did, finding songs that are hard! I mean who doesn’t have atleast 5 favorites songs that you love sing to from the 80’s? Well those songs sometimes just do not work, boo! 

Girls Just want to have fun! And you have to make exercise fun!

So here is the playlist breakdown: 

  1. Like A Prayer-warm (I mean it is Spinchurch)
  2. Thunderstruck-ladder sprints
  3. Beat It-ladder sprints continued 
  4. Eye of the Tiger-standing hill climb
  5. We Got the Beat-half mile race
  6. Hungry Like A Wolf-seated climb
  7. Come on Eileen-:30 sprint intervals
  8. Things Can Only Get Better-rolling hills
  9. Rock This Town-jumps
  10. Nothing But A Good Time-endurance pace
  11. I Love Rock and Roll-climb time
  12. You Shook Me All Night-wind sprints
  13. Paradise City-4 mile challenge 
  14. Every Rose Has its Thorn-cool down


I lead spin three times a week so I am on the bike a decent amount. But when I woke up Monday morning, I was sore! My quads and inner thighs were jacked up. We did a lot of resistance work and burned those legs. I love the burn! Next month’s theme is guilty pleasures-what to play?  

Monday Motivation 

Monday, Monday, Monday-how do you sneak up on us so quick? Always time to kick it back into gear. But today is my mom’s first Monday of retirement. I have a feeling she is going to have a great one. 

My week ahead consists of teaching 8 classes at the gym and a half marathon Saturday morning. I cannot wait!  I ran across this while looking to send my best friend some inspiration for her half in Nashville on Saturday. 

  • What does the week have in store for you?  

Friday Favorite! My BOB! 

Back in 2008 when I was pregnant for the first time, confused and over analyzing all baby gear I was introduced to something that I never knew would keep me sane. It was my BOB stroller.


I often wonder how many miles we have gone?

I ended up buying it with all my gift cards and it has been the one thing I have used the most. You see my BOB has gone through both boys and my youngest is still riding along. He is 4 and I know our stroller run time with coming to end, and it does make me sad. I have always said there is some magic in BOB. Most days my boys while in the stroller have ended up asleep.  

yes same shirt different kids-BOB magic!

So this year again I plan on celebrating  National Stroller Running Day!  Check it out. We (Kristen and I ) head Delmarva Moms Run This Town and plan a a family fun run on May 31st.  It will be fun and a great chance to meet up with active families in our area. We are meeting up at noon at Bayside in Fenwick Island, Delaware. 



last year’s National Stroller Run we did a 5K

 My advice to you if your are entertaining buying a jogging stroller is, without a doubt buy a BOB-it is worth the money. Trust me-you will not have any regrets! And buy the add on cup holder too. Perfect go holding your water, phone and lots of snacks to give to your little running buddy!  😉

  •   What is the furthest with have run with your stroller? 

Throwback Thursday-half marathon #2

Well I have been on the fence about doing a half marathon this spring. I am not sure why but have been undecided. But Sunday evening after a couple of glasses of Pinot, I pulled the trigger. I register for the OC half Island to Island. I did this one back in 2012 so let’s recap it! 

This half started at the OC inlet and you ran over to Assateague Island. It was a great day with a little chill to the air. I was nervous but for once during a half I can say I actually trained for this one. 

Me, Hayley and Becca prior to race on the boards!

We did the typical Jeff Galloway walk/run method with 4:00 minutes of running and a minute of a walk. It worked out well and got us through. I was using Map My Run at the time but relying on my watch for the intervals! Crazy! My fuel was GU roctane at about mile six with the water stop. Then off to cross Assateague Bridge to the finish line!  

On hell of a bridge in mile 13!


I miss some Hayley!


Offical time-still me PR!

So here I go again on May 2 to the race. Now the start in Assateague and you finish in OC! Let the weather stalking begin!